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Web Design

Aquarius I. S. Consultancy offer web design and update services and specialise in making web-sites that are easily updated via a bespoke PC software interface which removes you from the often complex world of the web languages HTML, CSS, PHP etc. Examples of this kind of web site are shown below.

Aquarius I. S. Consultancy has experience of creating database driven dynamic web-sites and a recent project for a telecommunications company allows their customers to view details, summaries, graphs and download pdf invoices (created in real time) of, in some cases, millions of monthly telephone calls. We also provided bespoke software for the import of data and the monthly e-mailing of 'your accounts are ready' notifications, some of which contain the pdf invoice as an e-mail attachment. Aquarius I. S. Consultancy has also developed web sites that integrate with payment collection systems, for example PayPal.

Technologies used include HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 & 2005, Microsoft IIS, Apache and the Visual Basic and Delphi programming languages.

Aquarius I. S. Consultancy will help you set-up your www.myaddress.co.uk web site address, e-mail system and web site hosting service in your own or company's name; we recommend that these are owned by you so as not to tie you in with our services.


Kooywood Art Gallery, Museum Place, Cardiff.

Kooywood art gallery required a web-site that was very easy to update with new artists, artwork, exhibitions and news etc This is provided by a bespoke program with which they can easily update relevant information, usually with just a few clicks of the mouse on the local PC.

Another couple of clicks and the information is converted into the format that web-sites understand and uploaded to the web-site service provider.

This is Kooywood's home page, the update program allows the picture and information text to be changed, however the layout structure and menu system will not be changed.

Information such as opening and closing times may appear on more than one web-page, this kind of information is only changed in one place in the update program which then updates all the times in the correct place of the actual web-site.

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Safle Swyddi.

Safle Swyddi is a business which specialises in jobs requiring Welsh language skills.

Safle Swyddi required a simple way of adding and updating the jobs on the web site in both the English and Welsh languages to provide a bi-lingual web-site. Jobs that have passed the closing date are automatically removed from the job list.

This is Safle swyddi's job page, the update program allows job details to be added and changed, however the basic layout structure of the web-site will not be changed.

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Garth Sheds, Taffs Well, Cardiff.

Garth Sheds simply wanted an online brochure to enable its customers to view and check the price of products online. The web site also includes the all important directions page and contact form for customer enquires and quotations.

Garth Sheds did not require an interface to update the web site, as the information is fairly static, however, the pricing information is held in separate files, which may be changed using a text editor like Notepad or spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.

Garth Sheds wanted an online brochure for people who want to view and price their products. The web site address is advertised in Garth Shed's telephone advertisements.

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